Blasphemy Unchained

by Hellsword

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released December 22, 2014



all rights reserved


Hellsword Slovenia

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Track Name: Prelude to Blasphemy
Track Name: Unholy Reich
A chalice is raised, a curse is set
This evil and hatred the world will never forget
Witches are gathered, demons arise
This is the day of the Earth's final demise

Slaughter the holy, dismantle the cross
Descend down the Styx and fly across
The moon is round, midnight strikes
The birth of Satan's unholy reich

Chorus: Light has vanished, hope has died
As Satan rules his unholy reich

Darkness falls upon the land
As hate and torment take command
From the kingdom known as Hades
Lucifer's army now invades

Churches burning, faith denied
No believers have survived
The moon is round, midnight strikes
The birth of Satan's unholy reich


Track Name: Evil's Rebirth
Decapitate the unborn
Throw them on a fire and let them burn
A sadistic ritual
Carry out what you have sworn
A fiery pentagram
Appears on the clouded skies
The smell of death
Soon will consume the faith of lies

Chorus: The churches will rise, worlds evil demise
The cities will burn
The all-seeing eyes see no allies
The son of evil, awaits his return

A virgin is raped
To give birth to the new dark faith
A dark messiah rises
Killing those who he despises

Mutilate the priest
Hellish demons are released
A godless ceremony
Soon becomes a sickening feast



The devil's rebirth
Darkness consumes the earth
Endless wars
Satan's armies show no remorse

All are dead
A dark future lies ahead
The dark night takes his throne
Nothing is left but rotten flesh and bone

Track Name: Marching Towards Heaven (Satan, Death & Fear)
Marching Towards Heaven (Satan, Death & Fear)

Darkness rises
Dead soldiers prepare for attack
Loud screams of battle
There is no way we're turning back

Swinging our axes
Fire and steel
To Satan we kneel

We have no mercy
For just and the pure
The eternal battle of evil
We will endure

Swift executions
We drink their blood
Fight the armies of god

Chorus: Satan, death & fear
The end of your world is near
Screams for mercy we do not hear
Spreading death by sword and spear

Heaven's gate has fallen
Dead angels fall to the ground
Disfigured corpses
Hell's armies released from their bonds

Bloodthirsty warriors
Dead bodies still fresh
Hunger for flesh

Leave no survivors
Unite for the final revolt
March towards heaven
Let the dark future unfold

Satan has spoken
Tomorrow'll never come
Humans will succumb